3 Ways To Monetize Loan Modification
Internet Leads

Got a phone call moments ago from a customer who used our aged loan modification internet leads.  Many of the companies we work with believe they cannot be taught anything new that would be of valuable to them. Well as it turns out, not only did we teach this customer something new, but we gave this company advice that would ultimately help them grow in a challenging market.

Loan Modification internet leads start their journey as either a real time exclusive or real time semi-exclusive lead from a mixture of search and email strategies.  Many of the companies who use these leads squander their opportunities.  Reasons they lose or miss opportunities include the absence of customer relations management software, inability of management to properly distribute and monitor lead treatment by sales reps and the tendency for managers to buckle and panic when weak sales reps report that the leads are not good. There are companies out there that allow their reps to call a lead once and never ever call them again.  While it makes no sense to you and I, this is reality and you should thank them for screwing up leads to the point that you can take advantage of missed opportunities at a fraction of the price that was originally paid. This is why we say that aged internet leads are gold.

Let’s think for a moment why aged internet leads for loan modifications are so valuable.  Backpedaling for a
second, I wanted to remind everyone that most publishers (the nice folks responsible for driving the traffic that results in a form fill that is sold as an internet lead) wait until the 30 day mark to release aged data into the market for resale.  If you can find someone that releases the data prior to 30 days, we would recommend trying and yes we have an aged category of 3-14 days old.  If publishers typically release aged data at 30 days then you can theorize as to where there is more competition.  Either way, aged data
still holds more value than you can possibly imagine.  But why do we says this?

We say this because with loan modification internet leads, you can attack the data 3 different ways.
The phone call we got tonight was a heartfelt thank you for encouraging them to add emailing to their methodology for use of aged internet leads.  On the one hand, I wanted to be a wise guy and quote Carlos Mencia with his DEEDADEE, but on the other hand, I had to smile in that the advice we gave them actually
helped them survive a challenging market and grow.  We love when advice is followed to the betterment of the companies we serve.  Yes, marketing companies really do care about the experience and results of the clients they serve.  We at GenStar Marketing, are no different.  We love when our customers succeed.

Aged Internet Leads are valuable because there are 3 ways to monetize the data.  The first way is obvious
because most people in sales have called an internet lead or inquiry at one time or another, especially sales people in financial services.  The second way is to email.  We are amazed by the number of companies that do not require their reps to do this. By the way, an inadequate or non-existent CRM will never allow managers and owners to properly review lead treatment by reps to begin with.  Having no CRM is a sure way to miss opportunities, have reps under-work leads to a point of lost sales, and incur exorbitant costs
per closed deal.  The 3rd way to monetize a loan mod aged internet lead is to send a handwritten mailer to each lead.  After all, you have an address on the lead you may as well use it If you don’t attack leads every way that you can, another company will. That makes the performance of the leads more of a “you problem” than a “marketing company problem.”  We don’t provide advice just to hear ourselves speak.  If you are well-scripted, use a CRM, and you hold reps accountable to the 3 ways to monetize a lead, you
will certainly grow your sales.  The phone call that we received tonight is evidence of that fact.  We do want the companies we serve to succeed, and when we give advice, it should be strongly considered and implemented.  The advice we gave this client cost him nothing, but it made him a ton because
he closed deals from the same leads that, in the absence of an email campaign, would have never gotten a hold of the homeowner.  My point is that you work every lead to the bone. Failure to attempt to contact leads using the three ways stated above is tantamount to costly missed opportunities.

Monetize, Monetize, and Monetize!!!

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