Lead Buying during the holidays comes to an abrupt halt.  It has always been this way.  We have seen it and experienced it year after year after year so it really is nothing new.  Ownership and management begin a process of planning and building for 2012 but is that the best strategy when it comes to aged internet lead purchases?

Reflecting back on our mortgage days, I remember that new inquiries would die down and the sales staff would go into an absolute productivity coma.  Personally, I always looked at that as an opportunity to do more with less competition because if a sales floor of 300 in the mortgage giant I worked for went to sleep then it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that competition outside of the company would similarly shut it down for the holidays.  Reality is that I never missed a beat during the holidays and found that my numbers were consistent and often times higher than average.  Why?  I believe that there are very motivated buyers during the holiday season with a level of interest that speaks to high conversion.  All of this happens right under the noses of everyone else caught up in the holiday mentality.

So the holidays always presented me with some amazing sales opportunities which makes the reasoning behind the lead purchase pull back for 2011 so hard  to understand.  With aged internet lead buying for debt settlement, loan modification, tax resolution and related services there will be less competition.  Sales rooms simply get lazy like everyone else caught up in the holidays so it is a safe bet that you will run into less competition for the business.  Additionally, the homeowners and consumers that need this service in many cases represent a prospect that has more time to focus on resolving these issues because things slow down during the stretch of the week before Christmas to New Years Day.  Since fewer companies will be buying the aged leads the competition and the ability of companies to catch people at home for the holidays presents golden opportunities for companies that stay the course.  For the aged internet lead buyer, it is a best case scenario.  With diminished aged lead buying and fewer sales people focused on and committed to helping consumers and homeowners get the services they need, there are some huge opportunities to pile on and make some extra holiday sales.

What the lead buying plan for the holidays consists of is based on company preference.  As a former production manager for a large mortgage firm, it will be better for companies to avoid the sleep walking that goes on between now and the end of the year as it relates to new business development and lead buying.  If it were me, I would recommend continuing to buy through the holidays even if the purchase volume is cut back some because a large percentage of the companies are going to pull back and lose traction.  Every sales organization is financial service industries works on pipelines.  For that reason among the many, pull backs of lead buying and allowing sales people to check out is deadly to a sales organization.  The question for sales managers and owners that buy leads is, will you ground your sales organization during one of the least competitive times of year only to start fresh and with minimal pipelines moving into the New Year?  This is what many firms do.  It goes against the advice of Gen Star Marketing that wants you to develop your pipelines for the New Year and gain traction now so you are not trying to go to 100 miles per hour from a stand still.   If the aged lead buying resumes the first week of January, you have lost essentially a week of new business development that is crucial to having a profitable first month of the 2012.  The extra well-written emails, clean voicemails and contacts right before the beginning of the new year are crucial because this sets the precedent for the first month of sales.  When you can buy aged leads at a discount to end the year which is essentially a purchase that will be made at the beginning of the year, it is absolutely the best play you can make.  Save money and keep new business development processes from coming to a standstill will help firms get a jump on a profitable 2012.

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