Components that Define a Quality Aged Loan Modification Internet Lead

With Aged Loan Modification Internet Leads, there are some attributes that we feel are vital
to the quality of the lead.  Typical publisher behavior is to release aged loan modification internet lead data at the 30 day aged mark. At that time, the data changes hands a number of
times.  It is kind of like the Wild, Wild West at this point and the buyer is exposed to additional risk.

In our opinion, the first attribute of an aged loan modification internet lead that points to a high quality is the aging.  Why?  Well, if aged loan modification internet leads are typically released by publishers to lead brokers at the 30 day mark, then an aged loan modification internet lead aged at 3-14 days is a good
strategy.  In this situation, you are working with a lead that was sold originally to one group as an exclusive
internet lead and in a small percentage of these aged loan modification leads; the inquiry was never followed up on.  If you combine that with typical short term contact ratios and the tendency for organizations buying aged loan modification internet leads to give up on them after a few tries, then you have the recipe for an aged loan modification internet lead at a fraction of the original $24-$30 per lead cost represent an amazing opportunity.

The second characteristic of an aged loan modification internet lead that is indicative of a quality lead is inclusion of the IP address on the spread sheet of leads.  Why?  If a homeowner or individual claims you are  calling them and they are on the do not call list, or you are spamming them with email, then the IP address combined with a time stamp will keep you protected.  There is no reason to buy an aged loan modification internet lead without a time stamp and an IP address stamp.  The value of an opt-in aged internet lead for loan modification is that you are protected and the inquiry invalidates the Do Not Call List and keeps the lead buyer compliant.

The third aspect of an aged loan modification internet lead that speaks to its high quality is a wealth of information on every lead. This includes:  First and Last Name, Full Address, Email Address, Best Contact Number and Notes provided by the homeowner.  Why? The Loan Modification Company and the Lead Buyer know as much as they can possibly know about a homeowner prior to making contact with them.
This is a position of strength in a sales conversation as it prepares the housing counselor a little extra for their initial consultation.  Not all internet leads are the same.  Any extra notes, fields or comments on an aged loan modification internet lead are valuable to the companies working the leads.

The fourth determining factor of the quality of an aged loan modification internet lead is the absence of feedback from homeowners who say they fill out a form  for a different product or service than what loan modification offers.  An example of this type of occurrence is when homeowners respond to a pop up ad
that indicates the ability to reduce their monthly rate and payments on their mortgage.  The reality is that every borrower in their right mind wants to reduce their monthly mortgage rate and payments. This encourages the wrong people to  respond.  Secondly, they were not searching for loan modification services or payment reduction services.  Therefore they are less likely to be in the buying mode and may not even remember they filled out a form.  Another situation that you see out there is someone applying for a different service like debt settlement and as they complete their information in the entry for debt settlement. They get a note that says if you are interested in debt settlement you might also be interested
in loan modification.  This is often called the exit path where people making inquiries are forced into a path of responding to other services.  Again because they did not search for it the quality of this type of aged loan modification internet lead suffers because of the way the homeowner was corralled into filling the form out.  Another trick is to throw out an incentive to fill the form out with promise of something free or at a drastically reduced price.  This is called incentivized traffic and its quality is brutal truth be told.  If in fact you deal with any of these issues, you will know because of the feedback you received. The aged loan
modification internet lead at 3-14 days aging is the best opportunity to avoid these abusive lead provider and publisher lead generation strategies.

The final quality of an aged loan modification internet lead that is representative of a strong lead is embedded in the experience of working the leads.  Minimal disconnected numbers, bounced emails
and homeowners saying they filled out the form 8 months ago with homeowners saying their loans were previously modified or they lost their home to foreclosure auction months ago.  It is a feeling based on the response or lack thereof with aged loan modification internet leads.  While no aged loan modification internet lead is perfect, when worked properly, you will know whether or not it is a quality aged loan modification internet lead by the response of homeowners to your follow up. So now you have an idea of what makes a quality aged loan modification internet lead.  Let’s Review!

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