HARP 2.0 Mortgage Mail: Send To The Right Homeowners Or Watch Your Costs Per Closed Deal Skyrocket!

Ohhhhh Yes! The mortgage industry is about to go bonkers again but this time I am excited about the flurry of activity for different reasons. First and foremost, I am happy that the guideline changes to the HARP Mortgage Refinance Program are going to help millions of homeowners that the original version of the program failed to help. Don’t get me wrong, hindsight is always 20-20 so we are looking forward and happy to hear about the removal of the equity requirement from the guidelines for homeowners that have held their credit, mortgage payment and income together during these tough economic times. As a former mortgage professional, the changes that have arrived here in March of 2012 were long overdue.
The government believes that this new program is going to help as many as 5 million Americans. These will be homeowners that are significantly under water on their mortgages but have maintained good credit and near perfect mortgage payment histories over 12 months. The requirements of the program are very specific. These guidelines should be used by direct response marketing campaigns to figure out how to target people for HARP 2.0 Mortgages to the best of data’s ability. We put out an article earlier that talked about the difference between a data slinger and a data professional. The question is do you want a knowledgeable data partner or do you want someone that mindlessly works with filters they are comfortable with. News Flash! News Flash! Warning! Warning! Danger! Danger! Just because a data person is comfortable with certain filters does not mean that they are qualified to tell you how to qualify for HARP 2.0 mortgage data that can be used in your HARP Mortgage Refinance Direct Mail Campaigns.

Gen Star Marketing is representative of former mortgage originators and production managers who understand the mortgage industry and data and you can’t beat that when it comes to helping you navigate the shark infested waters of data people that do not know how to help you filter the best ways you can. It is clear data is not perfect nor does it deliver deals to your doorstep on a silver platter but what it does do is get you as close as you can to your ideal prospects as you can be and that isn’t a bad thing. Direct Mail campaigns have never been mistaken for being cheap so companies that include mail as a part of their marketing strategy need all of the help they can get.

We believe in data and mail. We believe that mail delivers one of the hottest inbound calls on the market that naturally comes with the highest conversion possible because someone saw your letter and decided of their own free will to call you. Data is a huge component of that mail campaign and if you allow people in the data industry to simply give you homeowners without thinking about this program you are going to have a mail campaign flop or perform at less optimally than it could have. There are several things about data that come to mind that data providers could mess up for your mail campaigns. It would not occur to most of them to watch for this when they pull the data. Most data filtering likes to keep the targeting wide and so by nature if you are not definitive with what the HARP 2.0 requires it is going to go less productively than it could have had you called GenStar Marketing.
We believe that data, direct mail creative and the timing of the drop are important. How quickly a firm wants calls should determine the reasonability of first class mail. We recommend splitting a drop of 10,000 between first and second class and dropping first class and bulk at the same time. The goal is trying to create and even flow of calls and this is one way to head that direction. We customize mail pieces for our clients or run with generic pieces that everyone uses. It is up to you. Given the HARP 2.0 Guidelines official release on the 19th of March it would be good to get your mail drops out quick. We do post cards, snap packs, tri-fold letters, and more. Our mail prices are extremely competitive because we know that by nature it is expensive to do mail. We are not looking to take vacations on what you send us with most of the money going to data, print and postage costs.

Give us a try at GenStar Marketing. While we can’t promise you a return that rivals Fort Knox we can tell you that when we help you target effectively using our extensive mortgage and data backgrounds we give you the best shot to enjoy great return on investment that is available in the direct mail business. Call us to discuss how we would target for your direct mail campaigns and see if the 30 hours of writing and research we have done for another company in the marketing industry positions us as well as we think it does as a HARP 2.0 Mortgage mailing expert.

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