Harp 2.0 Leads from GenStar Media

HARP Leads For Closers

Most companies are reporting average pricing of 104 for GenStar Media Harp 2.0 Leads. Whichever marketing strategy you choose for your HARP Leads, you need to consider the number of sales representatives your office has, and how many “real-time”/ “aged” Harp Leads that will require to optimize efficiency. This program has a finish line and won’t always be this profitable, so it’s time to unload your entire clip on the Harp 2.o Targeted Prospects.

Are your sales agents currently dialing out or mostly just sitting on their hands waiting for your phone to ring their desk? GenStar Media has customized a software solution that will integrate with your current CRM and phone system to optimize the amount of conversations your sales floor has throughout a day. This technology is going to set the standard for phone sales companies across all verticals in the near future, and we are offering it as a free service to our clients for Harp Leads.

Inbound HARP Leads

When it comes to Inbound Harp Leads, there’s only one option that’s going to guarantee you 95% of the phone calls you get will actually qualify for all of the HARP 2.0 guidelines, and that’s GenStar Media Direct Mail.  We have fresh “Premium Data” pulled specifically for your next drop that we cross against our Fannie Mae Selects (we’re the only company with this Fannie database) and compile a mailing list that is Guaranteed to ONLY bring Fannie Mae serviced homeowners to your sales team.

Another cost effective and accurate source for Inbound HARP Leads will be live transfers.  GenStar Media is unlike ALL other TSR companies who have a team of “tele-marketers” COLD-CALLING the few remaining homeowners with house phones listed as public record and not currently on the national DNC. We only answer and transfer inbound calls from our overflow leads generated each day from other CPL based Inbound Harp Leads like TV/ Radio and Voice Broadcast. Your GenStar Live Transfers originate as Warm Call-ins and leave our office as Hot Transfers.


Outbound HARP Leads

At a grassroots level, HARP Mortgage Data makes a great HARP Lead for obvious reasons.  While everyone is trying to figure out how to budget their marketing dollars for their HARP Mortgage Campaigns, brokers and smaller mortgage offices are finding success generating applications on GenStar Data Harp Leads.  The data may be filtered down to specific states and counties for both their direct mail and phone records.

Aged Mortgage Internet Leads make great Outbound Harp Leads as well.  While only a small portion of the HARP 2.0  internet lead campaigns have been online long enough to produce a significant volume from Fannie Mae serviced homeowners who have reached out and opted in, but we all know that will change shortly.  Until then, a great source for outbound HARP leads will be aged internet mortgage leads where the credit is good and the loan to value ratio is over 80%.  It could very well be that these leads have been collecting dust and have not been revisited since they haven’t been qualified for financing in over 3 years.  This is the value of the aged internet mortgage lead purchased at a fraction of it’s cost when acquired new.

Real Time Exclusive and Semi-Exclusive HARP Internet leads will also make incredible HARP leads.  Landing pages have been built and advertisers are attracting homeowner’s that are basically desperate for a new interest rate/ term with the  HARP Mortgage Program.  If you are working without the benefit of a lead management system or CRM, it is highly recommended to avoid semi-exclusive internet harp leads until you implement the newest FREE GenStar Auto-Responder Software. Our new system will dial your agent and your new prospect online within a second of hitting the submit button on the contact form. Whether the internet HARP leads are exclusive or semi-exclusive, these high quality Harp Lead Mediums will generate a TON of business for your company over the next year and a half (Harp 2.0 is projected to conclude in December 2013).

Enjoy the mortgage boom with GenStar Media’s extremely high quality HARP leads and be grateful for the opportunity to help millions of American homeowner’s get the financial relief they need to possibly jump start our dying economy.  The majority of the Executive Team at GenStar Media began their Careers as Mortgage Broker/ Bankers, and are thrilled to provide the industry’s highest quality HARP leads to this new blend of “first timers” and veteran mortgage professionals alike.

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