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GenStar Media was founded on the ability to generate quality Internet Leads cost effectively, without misleading or misrepresenting the offers on the landing pages that capture the consumers inquiry for a quote from a GenStar Media top service provider. GenStar Internet leads are mostly sold on an exclusive 30 day basis, in which case after 30 days it can be sold again to as many as 3 additional service providers. Our leads are 100% organic search leads and are never secondary offers or email click through.

In early 2012, GenStar Media and Concussion Media merged and immediately became the countries largest provider of Direct Response Marketing to the Inside Sales Industry, in the way of Direct Mail and Lead Sales. Direct Mail is the foundation of direct response advertising because it is so easily monitored and analyzed. Most people owning inside sales companies understand that each mailer comes with a gross profit forecasted in before it ever hits the printing presses. Direct Mail is NOT a business expense, in fact the investment returns are so predictable and steady that many companies can grow to 1000’s of employees and billions of dollars in revenue without ever doing a single general branding TV campaign or any brand advertising for that matter. The mail allows the consumer to focus on the offer instead of the company who’s offering it, and many times consumers will do business without ever asking the name of the company who sent the offer, as we observed in a study a few years back with UCSB’s former consumer awareness professor. For many companies, the key to sustainable growth is in the ability to effectively market direct mailers, above all other key variable success factors.

With GenStar Media you can achieve the goal of TV advertising without any of the risks associated with the learning curve needed to make your way through TV’s intricate labyrinth of dead ends and pit falls. Now you can buy results instead of airtime.. Let Gen Star route as many TV calls to your sales floor within your hours of operation and watch the sales team conquer their quota’s and smile in amazement from the idea of you investing in TV ad’s for them. TV and Radio Leads on a cost per call basis are more effective than any live transfer or voice broadcast campaign, even if the per lead cost is slightly higher. You are paying for conversations with interested prospects instead of live transfers with skeptical consumers who are curious why you called them in the first place.

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