Modeled Analytics Data Sets $0.05 per record! 


The Mortgage Industry has always used homeowner data for their direct mail and outbound telemarketing campaigns.  During the mortgage boom, mortgage title data was readily available from the company that provided the title reports.  Much has changed since then and although it is not being handed out by title companies the way it once was, the homeowner data continues to be effective for mortgage refinance campaigns of every type there is.

Homeowner Data models for mortgage characteristics that make good refinance prospects.  The file relies on consumer behavior, self-reported homeowner information, modeled credit, title information and public record files to create highly targeted mortgage data sets that help companies market by phone and mail.

What Does Homeowner Data Model For?

  • Loan Amount Range
  • Loan To Value Ratio
  • Origination Date
  • Loan Type Adjustable or Not
  • Current FHA and VA Loan Holders
  • Lender Name
  • Self-Reported Income
  • Occupancy
  • Property Type
  • Modeled Fico Score Range
  • Phones DNC Scrubbed

There are certainly other filtering strategies within these that help you find more opportunities within a data set to reach the right type of homeowner.  While no data set is ever perfect, there are opportunities to finely tune the data to meet your needs. At Gen Star Marketing we like to have detailed conversations with our clients about what makes the ideal prospect for their mortgage refinance campaigns.  We believe it is important to market to the best mortgage refinance prospect homeowners that you can to insure the success of your marketing efforts.  We are listening and want to help as a trusted source in the mortgage data business.

Currently at Gen Star Marketing we are filtering data for FHA Refinancing, FHA Streamline Refinancing, VA Refinancing, VA Streamline Refinancing, Jumbo Loans, Conventional Loans and HARP 2.0 Mortgage Refinances.

  • Ø Please note that the HARP 2.0 Mortgage Refinance Data is a three tiered filtering process that is a Premium Data Set with a much higher cost.  With the HARP Mortgage Refinance Program the pricier data is the only data solution we have found that works.  The HARP Mortgage Data Set comes at 80% or greater accuracy in terms of the presence of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Loans and it is being reported by customers that they are happy with the data. 

Whatever type of mortgage refinancing you are doing, we have a data solution for your direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. Data has always been used to pick up more funded loans and we don’t expect that to change in a highly competitive market place.  Call GenStar Marketing to see what we can do to add value to the data being used in your mortgage refinance telemarketing and direct mail campaigns.  We don’t bite and encourage conversations with enough detail about what a mortgage office needs so that we can do a better job of filtering the data just right.  When your data performs well, everybody wins!  That is our goal!