Tax Settlement Direct Mail

Direct Mail for Tax Settlement and Tax Resolution firms represent one of the most effective strategies to drive hot inbound calls to sales staffs. Why you ask? It’s simple! With mail you can focus your targeting on both business tax liens and consumer tax liens in the areas of the country that make the most sense for your firm. The geography in the data strategy is equally as huge. It would not make sense to focus mailings into areas that are so damaged economically that there is no hope of someone being in position to pay out for the help to get the taxes settled. We recommend areas that have recently been hammered by bad weather (think recent tornadoes) or even areas of the country like Detroit, Michigan where the collapse of industry has had such a huge impact. My point is that not only can you be targeted based on lien amount and lien type, but you can also be targeted in a way that avoids severely depressed economies.

A recent development in tax settlement mailing is focusing on aged internet leads. With an average contact
ratio of 45-60%, internet leads produce a great opportunity for mailings. The problem is that firms become so, “We only do it our way” with their mentality that they fail to monetize internet lead data and maximize multiple opportunities to market the same lead. With internet form fills for tax, you get phone, email and addressed. Why not mail everyone in a batch to make sure you get the most out of your internet lead batch? It’s a great question and a strategy that few firms take advantage of and this leads to our suggestion. Buy aged internet leads 30-90 days and mail them with a creative and offer that reminds them of their inquiry online. This way the recipient of the mail piece is not as put off by the mail piece and is more inclined to respond to a firm that indicates they are responding to their request for information. Believe it or not, we are hearing reports of mail responding at a 10% clip. Keep in mind historical mail response is built around ½ of a percent. To put this in perspective if you mail 5000 pieces and you get
a half percent it is 25 calls. If you mail 5000 and get a response of 10% it is 500 calls. If this does not get your attention, you are not processing between the ears. We can’t promise you the exact same results, but we can tell you there is a buzz in the market when using opt-in aged internet lead s for tax. Direct mail as a superior strategy for tax settlement firms is only magnified when blowing up your phones with calls from a mail campaign using aged internet leads.

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