How to Manage Loan Modification Television Leads

As a lead provider, we are frequently reminded of the usefulness of the managerial tracking platform employed in loan modification television campaigns.  The truth is that just like the mortgage industry experience during the boom, the loan modification industry and its players have a hard time managing their
leads.  Too many leads and too much opportunity all equate to waste and lost sales.  Just like mortgage companies during its run before the real estate bubble popping, loan modification companies are besieged by too many leads, little if any managerial oversight, and representative that now find themselves cherry picking leads for the best ones, spoiled and lazy.  If an organization can piss away their marketing budget with the behaviors exhibited above, good for them.  This topic is for those companies who want to put things in place and use tools to avoid this wasteful management of leads.  It is indeed a recipe for disaster.

This article’s benefit then is largely helping those companies who want to maximize their loan modification campaigns and hold their sales representatives to a standard that translates to minimal waste and more sales. The best tool a manager has in loan modification TV lead campaigns is the call logging and recording feature.  Why?  How can a manager determine how the branch or center’s leads are working, if they do not know what is happening with the hot inbound calls from their loan modification inbound TV lead campaigns.  Every call that comes in from a commercial will be logged in the platform by number.  Also logged on that call by the platform is the time spent talking to the client.  If the call times are overwhelmingly low, there is a problem here.  Managers must use the recorded call platform then to determine what is going on.  The question is why wouldn’t they?  A manager simply cannot manage leads
without using this tool. Two things may be going on here.

1) Representatives see that calls are coming so fast that they are asking potential customers   if they can call them back so that they can hoardmore leads.

2) The scripting in place is not where it needs to be and it requires immediate change.

When managers dig into this portal they can teach and coach reps who need help up and they can deter reps from cheating the system and taking more calls by setting follow ups on calls and moving on to the next.  The call is hot, it is imperative that they are treated like gold and the culture of the sales team in the office is that every lead is to be worked to the bone with no shortcuts.

Our final tip related to the use of the portal for lead management is to play back recorded calls for the team at the end of the day as a group and identify loan modification tv lead recordings where good scripting and technique was used and where poor scripting and technique was used.  Managers should start with the negative and end with the positive.  When pointing out the negative, engage the group and ask them how to improve it and then provide managerial insight on how to improve.  Have a group meeting in the morning reviewing the close of day meeting from the day before, fire them up and do it again.  This type of management and oversight will allow companies, managers and sales representatives to maximize the potential of their loan modification TV lead campaigns.

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