Loan Modification Leads Are Like Fine Wines:  They Get Better With Age

For you wine aficionados who happen to work in the field of helping homeowners get payment relief and save the American Dream of homeownership, this article is for you! 

With red wines, tannins are present in red grape skins, seeds, stems and the oak barrels that
the fermented wine is stored in.  Tannins give the wine a bitter after taste and they soften with age creating a more smooth and enjoyable full-bodied red wine. My point is that fine red wines get better with age.  Loan Modification internet leads are similar because with age they also get better.  While my comparison of aged red wine and aged loan modification internet leads is kind of edgey and cool, I will get into how aging positively affects loan modification internet leads and where the sweet spots are.

Just like with any fine red wine, if it is aged too much it gets sour!  The same may be said for aged loan modification internet leads.  GenStar Marketing has strong feelings on where aged loan modification internet leads perform the best and this blog serves to help you make educated decisions on how to buy your aged loan modification internet leads.

One of the best pockets of opportunity for aged loan modification leads is the 3-14 day
range.  Why?  Let us stress to you how important this answer is.  A 3-14 day aged loan
modification internet lead starts out as a real time exclusive internet lead.  Sold to one firm, the exclusive loan modification internet lead will follow along measured historical contact
rates and leave a ton of opportunity for companies willing to aggressively work leads. Contact ratios on internet leads are typically 45%-60% in the short term and when combining this with absence of lead management system use, inadequate scripting and lack of managerial supervision and coaching on leads you have an aged lead that is ready to be closed simply because the company buying them real time simply refuses to maximize their leads.  There is another reason the 3-14 day aged loan modification internet lead is so valuable.  In addition to being a fraction of the cost of a real time lead, this aged lead represents an opportunity to attack leads before they are released to the masses.  Internet Lead Publishers typically release aged data at the 30 day mark.  At the 30 day mark, all bets are off and you can assume that everyone and their brother have purchased these aged leads.  At the 30-60 day mark these leads will be mercilessly pounded by loan modification, litigation, foreclosure defense,
document preparation, do it yourself kit, forensic audit and mass joinder firms all over the country.  The 3-14 day aged category means less competition, more opportunity and closed deals.  At the 30 day mark it could get ugly.

At 30 to 60 days, the homeowner may be put off by the incessant phone calls and emails and go underground for relief.  We see this all of the time.  They were pounded by multiple loan modification firms and they just could not take it anymore.  From a psychological stand point, this makes a ton of sense.  For this reason, aged loan modification internet leads have value at the 90-150 day mark both based on price reduction and the notion that the 30-90 day aged internet lead purchasers have pounded their leads and have given up.  This gives the loan modification firm or related foreclosure prevention service firm purchasing aged loan modification internet leads another pocket of opportunity.  The homeowners have been left alone for a while and are now at a point mentally where they may be able to talk with someone and not get crushed by 10 companies calling.  The 90-120 day age range represents another batch of age loan modification internet leads that perform with a significant reduction in price.

As you can see, aged loan modification internet leads get better with age both based on expense and responsiveness.  You may review the company at and contact Dan Foote for fine aged loan modification internet lead advice with no cost or obligation. 

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