Real Time Internet Leads


Real Time Internet Leads are an integral part of marketing for loan modification, foreclosure prevention, debt settlement, debt negotiation and tax settlement firms.  The beauty of this type of lead is that it connects people interested in a service with the companies that provide the service.  In many cases the leads are posted directly into a CRM and sometimes even into a predictive dialer incorporating a CRM.  This insures that the company receiving the lead responds quickly and makes contact with the prospect.  They may also be delivered in email format but the preferred method is without question to feed them right into a CRM.  The term real time means that the lead is delivered once the submit button is clicked on the end of the prospect completing a form and making the inquiry.  At that point the speed at which a firm receives the lead is solely based on the efficiency of their email server and CRM platform.  It may very well be the case for some and especially so with firms taking leads through email, that it is best to stay away from semi-exclusive leads because their systems based on efficiency and speed with the way they receive the leads may be, is unable to keep up with more sophisticated systems of competitors and creating a competitive disadvantage.


How They Are Generated


Real Time Internet Leads are developed through organic search, search engine marketing (SEM), pay per click (PPC), and email.  The largest percentage of real time internet leads on the market for loan modification, foreclosure prevention services, debt settlement and tax settlement are generated through email strategies.  Email represents a higher real time internet lead volume strategy than organic strategy which generated leads through organic landing page and web rankings and pay per click which is a paid strategy based on keyword searches.  Depending on who we talk to there are differences of opinions on what lead generation strategy represents a higher quality lead but we at Gen Star Marketing thought it is important to advise people on the realities of the internet lead market.  Each strategy for developing real time internet leads plays a role in lead development and there are pros and cons for each.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each Real Time Internet Lead Development Strategy


Organic Real Time Internet Leads This type of real time internet lead takes a lot of work.  They don’t happen overnight and largely involves a person inside a company with a solid grasp on driving internet traffic, key words use, blogging, social media and tying them all together to bring people to landing pages and contact forms without manipulation through paid search and placement strategies.  These types of leads are like gravy in that anything extra you get is an added bonus.  It is not likely to be a primary driver of real time internet leads but in rare circumstances with sophisticated web people, anything is possible.


Disadvantages of Organic Real Time Internet Leads: Since internet traffic is dominated by those that pay for their advertisements and placement ranking , landing pages tied to companies trying to get people to find their company or offer outside of the paid search advertisement areas will typically be less visible and harder to find.  It means that with this strategy, the expectation is that there will be a limited amount of leads and volume that won’t typically represent the opportunity to grow a company.


Advantages of Organic Real Time Internet Leads:  Organic Real Time Internet leads may be generated in house with no cost other than time put in.  It will give a firm extra leads and since finding companies playing the game organically will take more effort the inquiries that do come through are representative of a very high quality.


Email Real Time Internet Leads

A good percentage of the real time internet leads on the market today are developed through email strategies.  Why?  It’s pretty simple.  Email has potential to reach the masses and therefore represents a wider audience to pull from with the result being more real time internet leads.  An advertisement is sent via email which constitutes an offer and when interested in the offer, a prospect clicks on the offer that takes them to a landing page where they can do the same thing that they would have done had they been searching for the service which is fill the form out and submitting the request for contact.  The great thing about email is the emails can go out to people that fit the criteria that the lead buyers is looking for.  When delivered the lead looks the same way it does if it were organic or pay per click. It will have the same fields of information and represent an interest in the service provided that a sales organization must now close.


Disadvantages:  Some real time internet lead buyers believe that internet leads developed through email is a lower quality and that there is less interest than someone who searched for the service.  (Pay close attention to the following aspects related to this discussion:  1) cost of pay per click and search leads versus email and competition faced on pay per click and search leads compared to email).


Advantages:  Simply put there is greater potential for lead volume in the email driven strategy for real time internet lead development.  This is good for companies for two reasons:  1) Email real time internet leads based on volume produced will always be a little cheaper than pay per click and search lead generation strategies.  2) Because the offer is extended to a prospect it is believed there is less competition because when they responded to the offer they weren’t searching and stumbling on 5 more companies that offer the same thing ending up filling out 5 forms for 5 different companies.


Pay Per Click and Search Real Time Internet Leads

Pay Per Click and Search Real Time Internet Leads involves the development of inquiries or internet leads through an advertising program where the advertiser pays every time someone clicks on a key word.  This lead is initiated by the prospect that gets to your landing page with a key word search that puts the advertisement right in front of them.  It is an effective way to develop leads as the ad that generates them has a high placement online that is likely to grab people searching based on those particular key words.


Disadvantages of Pay Per Click and Search Real Time Internet Leads

Real Time Internet Leads are more costly to generate because of the expense of competing and winning the key word bidding process.  Naturally this drives up the cost of the internet lead and generally lends itself to the companies with the deepest pockets.  When pay per click search strategies are used and despite the higher cost for the lead, they generally come with more competition because the prospect holds all the power.  They sought you out, so it is pretty likely that based on their search strategy that they looked at several companies and filled out forms on other landing pages with the leads going to multiple companies all about the same time.  This may or may not justify a higher price tag for some because an exclusive lead very easily could feel like a semi-exclusive lead with stiff competition.


Advantage of Pay Per Click and Search Real Time Internet Leads

Many lead purchasers believe that pay per click and search real time internet leads represent a higher quality lead and a more motivated buyer.  For those reasons, companies purchasing the leads are tolerant of the higher price and the competition that comes with search due to motivated buyers searching and filling out multiple company landing pages requesting contact.


The truth is that there is a real time internet lead for everyone.  Real Time Internet Lead Purchasers all over the country have very different experiences so it is always best to test to see what you can do with the different internet lead generation strategies.  We believe it is important for you to know how they are generated and the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Email will probably always have a place for real time internet lead buyers for those companies with large appetites for internet leads.  It is clear that each real time internet lead buying firm will come with its own feelings about the way leads are generated that may affect the decision they make on the type of real time internet lead that they by.  Our best advice is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each and make the best decision you can on which leads are ideal for your company.  

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