Secure A Quote Mortgage has developed an exciting new mortgage lead platform to deliver high quality, real time internet mortgage refinance leads to mortgage originators, brokers, direct lenders and banks. Working with only the best mortgage lead generators and internet publishers in the industry, Secure A Quote Mortgage has partnered with GenStar Marketing.  This new collaborative venture will deliver high quality mortgage refinance internet leads in real time that will increase sales while lowering costs per funded loan.

Working with GenStar Marketing and an established network of the best internet publishers in the industry, the Secure A Quote Mortgage Platform is able to deliver real time mortgage interest rate quote requests using search banner ads, pop under ads, newsletter circulations and opt-in email lead generation strategies.  In addition to high quality lead delivery, the system works well for recruitment of the best mortgage originators in the industry who will align themselves with offices that provide enough quality leads to earn the incomes they require.

The goal of the Secure A Quote Mortgage Platform is to improve the lead buying experience with mortgage lead buyers only paying for fresh internet leads that qualify delivered in real time and in selected states.  The lead delivery system has special programming that will identify and reject internet leads that don’t fit acceptable criteria for mortgage refinancing and prevents lead buyers from wasted time, energy and money on mortgage leads that do not qualify.  This protection allows mortgage originators to focus on solid homeowner prospects looking for interest rate quotes and refinances with a strategy that will increase sales and lower costs per funded loan.  Secure A Quote Mortgage quality standards for leads separate them from competitors and prevent lead buyers from the frustration of homeowners that do not qualify for refinances.  With the promise to deliver highly qualified mortgage leads with consistency, mortgage firms will be able to attract and keep the best sales talent in the industry which supports both a short and long term goal of building sales and increasing profitability.

The set up process is simple and easy.  Fill out the form online and one of our account representatives will contact you to verify your information and guide you through the final steps in account creation.  Once your account is funded, lead filters are selected and daily/weekly lead volume is set, you are ready to receive leads.

For more information on how to get started with Secure A Quote Mortgage Lead Platform, call (866) 299-7962 or email us at .

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