Lead generation companies feel pressure to sacrifice the quality of their leads to give you the best price. Lead buyers actively searching for the right lead generation company are faced with the challenge of determining lead value prior to purchasing leads. Other than price, how do you know if you are getting the best deal on leads? The best priced leads are not necessarily the best value. Internet leads for example may have the same fields and information included so price is the easiest way to gauge value. The reality is that NOT all leads are created equal.

What lead generation companies don’t tell you is that you are challenging them to make a choice when you base the lead-buying decision on price alone. Do lead gen companies meet your price demands at the sacrifice of quality? Do they share and resell the leads to recoup lost revenue. Or do they maintain the price at the risk of losing your business? The choice internet lead generation companies are faced with generally leads to compromise.

The first choice many lead generation companies make for exclusive internet leads is to supplement quality traffic with lower quality traffic. The leads may appear to be the same at face value and may be generated from the same landing page, but the difference is due to the traffic. These differences are manifested in prospect’s interest, accuracy of data and increased competition. The result is the lead buyer is getting a lower overall quality lead, but they are getting the leads at the requested price. Lead buyers do not always need to purchase the highest premium leads available when blended leads do provide a lower-priced lead. This type of lead may be a good fit for training new sales agents and supplementing other marketing mediums, but it is a compromise of quality for price.

Another popular option many lead generation companies choose is to share and resell the same lead multiple times to several different service providers. This allows for a lower-priced lead option for service providers, but it increases the competition. Depending on how many times the lead is shared and resold it may make reaching the prospect difficult. According to Speed to Contact, studies show that the first service provider to speak with the lead has a 78% increased chance of closing the deal over competitors. A competitive advantage is given to the service provider with the best response technology and sales process. If you are confident in your efficiency to be the first contact, than you have a competitive advantage with shared leads, but it’s a compromise of competition for price.

The third option lead generation companies have is to maintain the price of premium exclusive leads. The risk of maintaining price is the loss of business to competitors who are willing to compromise. If you are confident in the strength of your closers, then their time is best spent with the highest-quality lead possible, but it’s a compromise of price for quality.

What if there is a way to create a win-win situation for both the lead buyer and the lead generation company? A way for lead gen companies to generate premium search based leads without compromising quality while maintaining a competitive price point.  Interested to know how? Call (949) 612-9645.