Why Price Is Not The Only Factor In Aged Internet Lead Buying

Everyone seems to want marketing for free these days.  Additionally, we are fielding calls from low-level employees seeking bids on aged internet lead packages that they are not qualified to understand or properly communicated to the decision makers.  How do we know?  It’s pretty simple.  They don’t ask any questions pertinent to the quality of the aged internet leads.  All
they ask for is the bottom line price.  This means that they call every company on Google to get a price without ever finding out about the leads offered.  Low price in the aged internet lead market is generally not a driver of the highest quality leads.

In order to make a good discussion about buying aged internet leads, the inquirer should know a little bit about the following:

  1. How is the internet lead generated?  Email, Search, Organic, and Co-Registration.  Not all leads are created equally and in the categories above there are distinct differences that
    speak to quality that an aged internet lead buyer must know to buy the right leads, at the right price and simultaneously pick up leads that won’t burn the staff out due to poor quality and will convert enough to run a profitable business.  Search is highest quality aged internet lead because they were searching for the product or service.  Organic leads are also high quality because people found a site pertaining to the service the only difference is that the particular site when clicked on its not being paid as a part of an ad words campaign. These leads are more expensive and they are not available in the same quantities as email or co-registration aged internet leads.  Email generated aged internet leads have a greater reach and are considered less valuable because an offer is sent out to an email so although they may have filled out a form requesting contact they tend to have less interest.  Co-Registration is the bottom of the barrel in terms of fresh and aged internet leads because the form fill is either incentivized with something free or it is based on a secondary service offered upon completion of the first
    form.  A notification pops up that says if you have interest in this you may also want to look into this.  The Co-Registration aged internet lead is based on the also look into this type of services.
    My point is that these internet lead generation strategies are not equal and this fact creates pricing differences in the market place that if not understood and prepared for, often results in sales organizations buying crappy aged leads thinking they got a great deal.  If your cost per close goes thru the roof it may be that you did not do your homework on internet lead generation strategy.
  2. Will each aged internet lead come with a date stamp and an IP address stamp?  If
    each lead doesn’t come with a date stamp, you have to wonder why it was omitted or why it is missing.  Chances are it is being changed to resell and then match a customer requested age range.  The suggestion is that sellers of aged leads change the dates to make their file appear to fit the customer request.  If you think this isn’t happening in the market place, think again.  This explains price disparity in the market place with some selling leads ridiculously low and others at the top of the expensive list.  The other thing you want to have is an IP stamp.  People forget that they fill forms out and some will squawk at you for calling and you have to be able to tell them that they filled a form out and this is their IP address.  This helps get you out of hot water with the couple of people that have selective memory and want to scream at people for calling.  Without the IP address, you are in the fire without water to put out the flames.
  3. In your experience, what is the best and most aged lead range?  This is an important question for a couple of reasons.  a) We work with a lot of companies so the feedback we get from customers that buy regularly and test the different age ranges available is valuable.  Price is always a factor and it varies between age ranges so budgets are important as well.  What we recommend depends on regular customer feedback and lead buyer’s budget.  When budget is restrictive, we may still recommend the less is more approach because of the quality of the aged internet lead.  b) We must also take into account the behavior of the average sales organization
    buying internet leads fresh.  Initial contact ratio ranges between 45% and 55% which tells us internet leads purchased at the 3-14 day range could be good because there is still as many as
    55% have not been contacted over that short period of time.  Most publishers release data to the masses at 30 days.  That means there is another window from 15-29 days.  This sometimes
    means that when you get a batch that is 30-90 days, it could come with a lot of competition as live transfer providers and predictive dialing blasting the phone numbers.  Then after 90 days the
    dust settles a little bit and the emotional duress created by too many people calling prospects sometimes creates successful contacts, stronger conversations and better environments to build rapport and close sales.  As the leads get older, each age range has a value and each age successive age range comes down in price.  There is an aged lead for everyone and without
    question it is important to consider this feedback to make an informed decision on your aged internet lead purchases.
  4. How many times are the leads sold?  You do want to know how beat up the leads you
    are buying are.  The lower the price, the more likely they are to be beat up.  Why?  Once a file is turned over a couple of times they are profiting nicely and don’t have to sell it full pop.  Even with a nice price reduction this may not do you any favors as the data is super burned out.  Be careful when your biggest determining factor is price, it leaves you open to lead sellers that simply don’t care about the buyer.  That is a fact.

Price is not the only factor in aged internet lead buying and if you have pricing that is so radically different from others I would worry about the quality.  When I get questions about
leads that are price driven, which is every day now, I know that the callers are not sophisticated enough to ask the important questions or they just want the best deal.  Remember, if you buy garbage aged internet leads, the sales activity around the leads will be poor.  This risks the morale of your entire sales staff as the quality of leads purchased did not allow your reps to make sales so that they can earn a living.  Ultimately it is your decision… price versus quality.  We hope you get the right leads at the right price and do well.  Without asking the right questions, there is no way to know you are making the right decision.  The penalty for making a bad decision is a put off sales staff that is at risk of poisoning your whole office.   GenStar Marketing will give you the right answers and then leave it up to you.  We really don’t want to send you garbage as it reflects on us.

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