5 Reasons Debt Settlement Companies Should Buy All Of The Aged Telemarketed Live Transfers They Can Find

1.  This aged lead type is more readily available at this point than both TV and internet which took huge hits with legislation passed regulating the debt settlement industry.

2.  The lead is prequalified before transferred to a company real time and domestic call centers that are
scripted well are making a huge difference in the quality of the transfer.  When sold as an aged lead 7 days to 90 days old you can see how there would be high quality to the lead. The scripting is narrowed down to
questions like:

-Do you have at least 10k in unsecured credit card debt?

-Are you having trouble making your minimum monthly payments and are you currently late?

-Are you experiencing financial hardship?

-Are you in the process of bankruptcy?

-Are you enrolled with another firm to settle your debt?

-Do you have an income that would allow you to make monthly payments to settle your debt?

3.  Considering that the call centers are calling a combination of aged internet leads, aged TV and aged radio leads, they are in essence taking some of the guess work out of it for your organization.

4.  These things are so hot that we are getting reports of $100 cost per close on this lead.  It would not be wise to make any specific promises about performance, but this figure should have your attention if you are an active lead buyer in the aged debt settlement category.  I remember not too long ago debt settlement executives out at the debt settlement leadership conference in Vegas in 2009 saying they would be extremely happy with a cost per close under $400.

5.  These are still relatively unknown and the whole debt settlement world has yet to embrace this product.  The result is that in many ways this is not an aged debt settlement lead that has been used and abused like aged internet and TV leads.

This lead is simply the hottest thing in the market.  If you believe in the concept of the law of
diminishing returns, then you would also believe that if larger numbers discovered this lead its quality might go south.  Jump on this opportunity before the masses figure this out.  Groups are killing it with this little
aged lead secret.  Come join the party!!

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