Merchant Cash Advance Inbound Calls vs. Outbound Calls

How do you know if your marketing is too heavily weighted towards inbound calls or outbound calls? Finding the right mix of marketing in business financing depends on your call center’s individual strengths. Some prefer to feed their sales agents primarily with inbound calls while others prefer more outbound calls. Both sources have benefits and we believe there is an ideal blend of both. Finding the perfect mix of inbound vs. outbound calls will dramatically increase productivity and sales.

Are your sales agents waiting for inbound calls? We know that the worst thing when running a sales floor is an idle sales person waiting for leads. Between inbound calls, sales agents are most productive by outbound dialing. We recommend increasing the amount internet form-fills provided to each agent if this is the case. When sales agents receive the real-time internet form, speed to contact provides the best response rate. Not all prospects will respond to the first call, so following up and working the leads in between inbound calls keep sales agents talking with clients all day long. More dials means more opportunities which lead to more closed deals. The nice thing about internet form-fills is the amount of information included. Sales agents have a phone number and email to connect with prospects in addition to their individual situation and financing request. 

Are your sales agents dialing all day long, but not creating enough opportunities? If this is the case, increasing the number of inbound calls will help agents connect with more prospects. A great part about inbound calls is that you have 100% contact ratio. Inbound calls generally have a quicker sales cycle. Potential downsides to weighting too heavily on inbound calls are a higher Cost Per Acquisition and the lack of information if the application isn’t taken on the first call. This is why we believe diversifying the types of leads received, especially in Merchant Cash Advance, can offset idle time. We have found that there is an ideal blend of inbound calls from commercials/ads and outbound dials from internet forms. That being said, we can deliver volume of each lead type so your sales force has plenty of opportunities throughout the day.

We work closely with our service providers to maximize conversion and provide the tools to grow successful sales operations. Our phone routing technology and lead distribution platform allows for customization of lead delivery within your hours of operation when your agents have highest response rates. GenStar Media will help you find the perfect blend for your company. The more successful your sales agents close deals from our leads, the more successful our partnership.