Merchant Cash Advance lead consistency and genuinely interested prospects-The biggest hurdles that face most MCA financing companies

We are asked the following questions on a regular basis: “Are the prospects genuinely interested in seeking business financing immediately? How do I provide consistent leads to my sales staff?”

At GenStar Media, we’ve spent millions promoting our clients with our own unique formula that has proven to be effective for financial services including ACH Business Cash Advance and Merchant Cash Advance companies. We do this by building customized marketing campaigns for our clients that are specific to their industry, combined with expert ads that attract customers to them.

Meeting your lead criteria is not the same as connecting you to interested prospects. One of the main benefits of placing ads in front of your audience when they need your service is interest level. Prospects are actively seeking business financing and are connected to your sales agents. All of our leads are delivered in real-time exclusively to your company. This means that you don’t have to worry about increased competition from other lenders. Prospects who respond to our ads are posted to your CRM as a form-fill or are directly connected to your sales phone line.

There is nothing worse for productivity than an idle sales agent. We’ve all seen sales floors that don’t have enough leads. Sales managers do everything they can to motivate and raise moral; it’s an ongoing battle with sales reps. When there are enough leads, it creates a great buzz and elevates the entire sales floor.  We all know how fun an active sales force can be when every agent is on the phone and closing deals. Our method for elevating sales is by diversifying marketing mediums. It is important to work with companies who can provide lead volume and help smooth out sales. The primary way we effectively generate consistent lead volume is through targeted internet campaigns and radio commercials.  

We believe in complete transparency. One of the ways we achieve this is by providing full back-office access in real-time for all delivered leads. I’m sure you would agree that monitoring results and open communication between sales/marketing help increase conversion. Since you are dealing directly with the lead publisher, we have the ability to make quick adjustments whenever necessary.   

At GenStar Media we take the time and care to fully understand your business and focus on your strengths so we can effectively connect you with your ideal prospects.