Mobile Click-To-Call

Making Mobile Click-To-Call Ads Effective Is Important

Many major brands and retailers have started concentrating more on mobile advertising as a way to get more leads and increase sales. With this method of advertising, they also know that a click-to-call feature can give them a one-on-one relationship with their customers and potential customers.

Today, there are many bells and whistles in mobile advertising, however, it is the most simplest of features that have proven to be the most effective, like the click-to-call. This feature has proven to be the most effective way to advertise a product or service because it takes advantage of the one thing more and more consumers have …. the cell phone.

However, just like any mobile marketing features, click-to-call advertising isn’t necessarily the best way for every brand or every company. Some need to stick to a more traditional method, by smartphone technology that is, for driving sales. Simply because smartphones can do so many sophisticated things, it doesn’t mean that every marketer should use them. Just as in life itself, it is the simplest things that are often the best things.

With all the technology that smartphones put in our hands today, for a business, the click-to-call feature is one of the best ways to build a rapport with customers. Not all consumers want to surf a business’ website, they prefer some one-on-one connection to get the information they need and the click-to-call feature gives them that opportunity. An opportunity that many business should take advantage of

Studies have shown that approximately 10 million dollars is generated weekly with click-to-call ads for businesses advertising on Google. Recent claims by Google, they are expecting to generate almost $3 billion in revenue with their mobile advertising and they believe that a good amount of that will come by way of the click-to-call technology.

Why? Because no matter how much our smartphones can do today, making a phone call is a natural action when holding a telephone. This is why by targeting customers that use mobile technology like smartphones, companies will find that click-to-call ads are the most effective.

There are two ways that marketers can use this click-to-call feature, depending on their objective.

• A Local Phone Number
• A National Call Center

One example of how the click-to-call feature has worked, Smiles Designed, a dental practice, started using mobile ads with mobile specific keywords along with a map to target the local users. Since beginning that ad campaign, Smile Designed reported a 74 percent increase in click-through-rate for mobile devices and 34 percent decrease in their cost-per-click.

Because potential patients were able to speak to somebody about their dental concerns, the value of those phone calls was a benefit to both the practice and the patient. The various verticals of businesses are finding the click-to-call ads to be a benefit with similar numbers as the dental practices.

The public may browse and shop website for deals, offers and specials, however, when spending the big dollars, they want human contact. Mobile click-to-call advertising offers them that and with the right business, it is one of the most effective means of advertising yet. Whereas the ad that is brand-oriented is more concerned with making an impression with the user than driving them call.

Dental practices, such as the example above, are just one of the industries that can benefit most with click-to-call technology. Automotive, education, finance, high-end electronics and even the travel industries are good examples of those would benefit with the click-to-call technology. They all have a complexity about them that talking to somebody is what the consumer is looking for and needing.

The connecting tie between mobile advertising and phone calls is expected to grow more every year. The mobile click-to-call technology is revolutionizing businesses’ customer service with things like providing directions and store locations. One of the key things to making this type of advertising work is placement of the click-to-call button.

Just like anything in business, location, location, location is the key to success. Because the ‘real estate’ is limited on a smartphone, making it as easy to find and use is crucial for a successful mobile campaign. If it isn’t simple for the end user, you’ve wasted your money.