Organic Long-Term SEO

Organic Long-Term SEO

A website is an investment of many components and one of those components is SEO, Search Engine Optimization.  The website itself is an immediate investment and the SEO is a long term investment for the website to do to what it is meant to do – pull in traffic, ie, customers.

When you think about Search Engines, a company will want their website to rank high in a search. They find this out by way of analytical technologies that provide reports to tell them where they are ranking in website searches. These reports are referred to as SERPs , Search Engine Results Pages. Those reports are sorted by two categories:

Organic Search Results

Paid Search Results

The number of clicks a website gets from search engines, the majority are Organic Search Results, up to 80% some sources claim. It is important for a company’s website to rank high on the Organic Search Results Pages because that means that their website is getting the desired traffic. The desired goal of having a website is to pull in as much traffic as possible.

You won’t see the rewards of SEO right away. It builds up as time goes by. For a quicker ROI, SEM, Search Engine Marketing is a better fit.  A professional that is qualified as a Google Adwords/ Bing Ads agency is the best source when it comes to helping you develop, manage and evolve a SEM campaign for your business’ website.

We Research, Then We Plan

How do we do this? Well, first we learn about you and your business. If we don’t know you, how can we help you? Then, we do research about the industry your business is in and your competition. Our planning will utilize the information we gathered during our research so that we can direct our efforts where it is needed in the most effective way possible. Once we have a solid understanding of you, your business and your goals with the industry and market of your business, we begin the website optimization phase.

Now We Put Our Plans Into Action

Now it is time for the Website Optimization.  Each page of your website is optimized so that they are more visible by search engines and will rank higher in SERPs. This will achieve one of the goals of having a website … traffic is increased.  There are many techniques that claim to optimize websites, but Genstar Media uses only legitimate techniques that have been proven to get the most optimization for html, images, link structure, meta data, URLs, videos and more. After optimizing your site, we submit it to the search engines for indexing.

Link Building and Promotion

At this point, we begin the next phase of link building and promoting your website. These two things are necessary in order to make your website rank high in search engines. The more websites your website is linked to, the more the search engines recognize it, thus the higher your site will rank. Not too long ago, you could purchase linking from link farms and get moved up the ranks immediately. However, now there are algorithms that can tell if a link is relevant, trustworthy and worthwhile. If they aren’t, it can do your website more damage than good and that is where an experienced professional team like ours is who you should want to work with. We legitimate ways to get links in any industry, and we are veterans at finding the most relevant links across the web.