Pay Per Click Strategies

Pay Per Click Strategies

When it comes to marketing, companies set budgets. Websites and all that go with websites are considered marketing, such as Pay Per Click ads.  As such with any budgets, a company wants to get the maximum benefits from the marketing budget, and this is why you need a company that knows the best Pay Per Click strategies.

No matter how large or how small of a budget you set aside for your Pay Per Click campaign, you want to get the highest yield possible. GenStar Media understands this and we know how to build a strategic plan that will get you the bang for your buck. We have studied various ways to approach this type of advertising and we know that depending on the market of your business focus, there are two basic options that will give you the max ROI:

  • Less Costs: When the supply of search query impressions are almost infinite, you can lower the PPC which will get you more clicks, and subsequently, more conversion.  How do we do this? We refine the list of keywords and while watching the average positioning, we lower the bids as needed.
  • More Clicks: When a website falls into a certain niche but the volume of PPC is low compared to the scores that are of high quality impression shares, the need to increase traffic is apparent. However, the need to control click cost is still, which can be achieved by expand the keyword list, increase the bids, improve the click through rates and refine your ad copy.

While these are very different strategies, GenStar Media sees them as one complete strategy with the end goal of getting you as much as possible for the allotted marketing budget you have set.

Most search marketers use a direct response profitability strategy and have great success for their clients. This is the paid search strategy that focuses on maximizing your profitability for your campaign. While the common belief has been that as long as this method is profitable, then it must be working. So we continue to manage campaigns and not give it a second thought.

As with anything to do with a budget though, we believe you should reexamine all things that affect it and review if you are in fact, getting the highest ROI possible. So when you do examine the campaigns that are focused on profitability, you find there are limits within the budget. The end results we see that there are fewer conversions with a lower CPA, cost per acquisition, and eliminating parts of the campaign that aren’t performing to an acceptable conversion goal.

GenStar Media mines search query reports and establishes negative keywords while bidding down on keywords that have higher CPA’s or no conversions. We have found that these employed techniques will maximize your profitability using the parameters established.