Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Businesses with a website need more than just having the website. The website needs to be promoted and one of the best ways to do that today is through Social Media.  It seems like almost everyone is on one form of Social Media or another. If you don’t know what that is, or haven’t heard of it, then you must have been living in a cave without any type of computer, iPad, SmartPhone or other device.

Social Media is found on popular websites like FaceBook (the most popular of all), Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. There are others, but not as popular as these four.  By having a FaceBook “page” a business can reach out to the general public and they can “LIKE” your page. When they like your page, you have a hyperlinked to your website, which they can click on to go to your site. The more people visit your website, the more traffic your website is gaining … via social media.

That explains it in simple terms for the average person. It is a bit more complicated than all that when you get behind the scene, but that paragraph should give you an idea about the Social Media aspects. There are Social Media marketing programs that focus on creating content which will attract that wanted attention we mentioned above.

It encourages visitors to your website to share it on their FaceBook page, Instragram account or “Tweet” about it on Twitter.  When your website puts out a message, it will resonate from one user to another because the general public “trusts” each other’s opinion on a brand, company, product or service. A third-party source is often more trusted than the company itself. Therefore a company’s marketing is motivated by word-of-mouth. Social Media can gain more attention than paid advertising media.

The Internet and Social Media have created a platform that makes it easy for anyone to communicate with others. They have provided a easy communication system for business and organizations to foster brand awareness and even improve customer service. The best part, it’s relatively an inexpensive platform for businesses to implement changes in their marketing, products and services.

By way of Social Media, we can not only interact with others regardless of where we live, play or work, we are able to network and build lasting, or temporary, relationships. This is the same for companies when they have Social Media accounts. They allow their customers to interact with them and there are networking groups or social channels that businesses can join and benefit from as well. Social Media has in many ways other means of advertising and traditional methods of outbound marketing campaigns.

When we “post” to our FaceBook page about a new product we’ve tried, our “friends” can “like” our post and then “repost” it to their page, then their “friends” may “repost” and more “friends” can “repost” and on and on  it goes. This is getting a company and their new product more exposure.  Or we may “tweet” that we just tried a new restaurant in town on Twitter. Our “followers” can “retweet” our “tweet” and it can go on and on and on. So the restaurant is getting more and more exposure and most likely, more customers.

A company can also interact with their “followers through Social Media such as FaceBook and others. Even though follower is on the East Coast, they can have a personal interaction with a company on the West Coast by way of Social Media. This in turn, is a more “personal” interaction than the old way of telemarketing. With the filters offered on Social Media sites, a business can actually pinpoint their targeted audience with groups.

Companies can use Social Media to find out what products or services the public prefers and is using the most. Or what they like and don’t like by way of Analysis technologies. This technology allows marketers to use our buying habits by way of using our shared content we post online. When a company has a better understanding of our buying signals, they can give their sales people a target of the prospects that are more likely to buy their new product or service. This technology also helps marketers monitor a targeted campaign more closely.

As we mentioned in the beginning, you can access the Social Media sites by way of computer, iPads and SmartPhones. People are on the go constantly these days. No longer are we chained to our desks to surf the internet and companies need their websites to go with us.  Our cell phones keep us in contact with more than just a phone call today. We get alarms and signals in real time when we register with brands and companies on their website when there is a new product released or a new service offered. For instance, your favorite Italian restaurant can send you a message when they are offer a special on pizzas. They can even send you a QC code to get that special deal.