Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages for each type of organization so you can decide the best fit for your business. Large lead aggregation companies pull leads from many different sources using their technology platform and route qualified leads to individual buyers based on filters.  Boutique publishing firms generate the leads themselves removing the additional layers of aggregation companies and work directly with the lender. There are advantages to working with large aggregation companies as opposed to boutique publishing firms including the following:

  • Volume availability is generally much greater than individual publishers in the short term
  • There are more payment options for lead buyer campaigns
  • Starting and stopping campaigns regularly is acceptable, but not preferred
  • Orders with limited State coverage, tight filters and small orders can be accepted

Potential disadvantages of working with large lead aggregation companies as opposed to individual publishing firms are:

  • Leads are generated from many publishers, traffic sources, and landing pages so the buyer doesn’t know where and how the leads are actually generated
  • When adding layers between the lead publisher and the lender many times lower quality leads are mixed in with quality leads to lower cost
  • It is difficult to make adjustments to messaging and process to increase conversion for the lender
  • Sales representatives for large aggregation companies are solely sales reps not experts at generating leads or educating the buyer to increase conversion
  • Most aggregation companies offer shared leads with increased competition as opposed to exclusive leads generated for your business

Boutique publishing firms who specialize in generating mortgage leads allow for direct knowledge of the process and path the lead takes before it gets to you. Many times you can speak directly with the decision maker at a boutique firm instead of a chain of bureaucracy and veiled layers. Transparency of lead path from lead generation to service provider is more common.   Lead quality and consistent messaging helps loan officers close more loans. Leads are generally exclusive only so competition is not increased by the company you purchase leads from.

When mortgage lead buyers are actively seeking the best mortgage lead generation company, the size and scale of the lead generation company may help you make the best decision for your business. Many times working larger lead aggregation companies will provide volume consistency, while boutique publishing firms provide a lower CPA but you have more fluctuation with volume of lead availability. The most successful mortgage companies have found the ideal blend of working with large scale and smaller scale mortgage lead generation companies. The ideal blend depends on your mortgage company’s lead volume demands. At GenStar Marketing, we provide the information you need to make the best decision for your business and connect you with buyers actively seeking your service.