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Internet Leads

GenStar Media was founded on the ability to generate quality Internet Leads cost effectively, without misleading or misrepresenting the offers on the landing pages that capture the consumers inquiry for a quote from a GenStar Media top service provider. GenStar Internet leads are mostly sold on an exclusive 30 day basis, in which case after 30 days it can be sold again to as many as 3 additional service providers. Our leads are generated from organic search or targeted email campaigns by placing ads in front of your audience when they need your service. This produces an interested prospect actively seeking your service and connects them directly to your sales agents in real-time.  Internet leads are filtered according to your ideal prospect’s criteria  and one of the most cost-effective forms of sales inquiry.


Television / Radio

With GenStar Media you can achieve the goal of TV advertising without any of the risks associated with the learning curve needed to make your way through TV’s intricate labyrinth of dead ends and pit falls. Now you can buy results instead of airtime. Let GenStar route as many TV calls to your sales floor within your hours of operation and watch the sales team conquer their quota’s and smile in amazement from the idea of you investing in TV ads for them. TV and Radio Leads on a cost per call basis are more effective than any live transfer or voice broadcast campaign, even if the per lead cost is slightly higher. You are paying for conversations with interested prospects instead of live transfers with skeptical consumers who are curious why you called them in the first place.

Mobile Click-to-Call

GenStar Media’s mobile advertising generates inbound calls at the highest quality by connecting interested prospects directly to sales agents when they are looking to buy. This is because prospects are actively seeking a service provider and have interest to move forward immediately. While clicks to a website convert into customers about 1 to 2 percent of the time, inbound calls convert into customer 30-50 percent of the time, and typically at a higher average order value. The bottom line is that people are more likely to call when they are further along the purchase process. Generally they call when they have questions or are ready to make a big purchase and want to complete the process with a human. GenStar’s mobile Click-To-Call leads connect to active buyers at the right time.